Bluntly speaking, their non-solutions will lead to more mass murders, so they are going to be agitating in the future, but that was always part of the plan.
This morning, thanks to the efforts of “Traitor Thom”, it’s been reported that the surrender talks that had been going nowhere are now back “on track”.
The much-vaunted capitulation over our sensible civil rights is falling apart with some Republicans finally discovering they had backbones.
An NYT columnist recently admitted to what we’ve always suspected, that they know their ‘solutions’ won’t work and it’s all to get to one goal of gun…
Lying Leftists: Make No Mistake, Their Goal Isn’t Gun Control, It’s Gun Confiscation
Why are inanimate objects taking the blame when the nation’s socialist media is fomenting tragedies with excessive wall-to-wall coverage that is…
Why didn’t those take place -- if the pro-freedom right is supposedly based on ‘white supremacy’?
But how can you stop talking about something you never talk about?
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