Gun grabbing ghouls have become experts in quickly exploiting other people’s pain for their political gain. A look at that and what might happen next.
A Democrat senator recently claimed that pro–Second Amendment Republicans 'don't give a crap' about children's safety.
Winning the cultural civil war means separating the pro-freedom majority side of the political spectrum from the anti-liberty minority.
Face masks are a perfect metaphor for how the fascist far left feels about freedom.
The row over the Jan. 6, 2021 videos tells us that the 'ruling class' doesn't trust the people to have the correct opinions about the events of that…
People usually don't try to transform and then destroy that which they love. Right?
Mockery of the highest order from a Texas representative.
Is it finally dawning on everyone that the far left has simply been projecting its evil on everyone else?
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